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First Birthday Gift Ideas

With my daughter’s first birthday coming up, I have been all over Google looking for gift ideas. After much searching (and many open tabs), I thought I’d round up some of my favourite ideas.

In my opinion, if you ever are not sure what to buy a child, regardless of age you cannot go wrong with a book. I’m a teacher, so I may be biased but I do truly believe adding to a child’s library is always a welcome addition. For Claire, I like lift the flap books, sensory books, or any of Caroline Church’s books (we have a few!)

Pull Toys
Claire is very close to being able to walk. She also LOVES being chased. A pull toy would be a great gift for a new little walker. I like this alligator because he moves, but this classic elephant is another great choice.

Bath Toys
My kiddo LOVES bath time and is a total water baby. Bath toys are something I feel get rotated out fairly quickly. Firstly, because my kid chews them like crazy, and secondly, because they can grow mould fairly easily (gross). I love little animals like these. I also love any excuse to introduce letters or numbers (remember I’m a teacher? haha.)

Musical Toys
Something I forgot I said I would never do before I had a baby was that I would never buy too many toys that made noise. This has gone completely out the window, because my little one is dancing to any and all music. I’d love her to have something to make noise on her own. I love the classic xylophone, and I think this piano is really cute.

Nesting and Stacking Toys
I have read more than once that at this age my baby probably enjoys playing with these types of toys. This is a correct statement, however, she has absolutely no desire to build, only destroy like a tiny, baby, Godzilla. Blocks and cups are always a good choice, but I really love the idea of these buildings that also come with vehicles. They would be a toy she could grow with. I also really love this rainbow, even if it does seem a bit pricey for what it is.

What do you think of my picks for a first birthday gift? What would you buy for a one year old?

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